CAIR debuts a universal fit t-shirt that invites the possibility of body diversity and inclusivity.  2PC  is designed to adapt to the user’s shoulder width, expanding up to 53 centimetres (approx. 21”). The two overlapping pieces are reversible front and back, introducing multiple styling options. CAIR’s processes consider sustainability from its earliest stages, where fabric waste is significantly reduced through the tessellation of patterns as fabrics are being cut. With universal sizing as a focus, 2PC eliminates the need for graded sizes.

This product was made possible with the support of Lane Crawford Luxarity Joyce Group and in collaboration with Yu Chen (Parsons 18’)

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We hypothesised that two overlapping pieces would create more fabric allowance for a garment to expand horizontally. In doing so, it also provides additional styling options.

Model typically wears L

Model typically wears L

Model typically wears S

Model typically wears S

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We are reimagining sustainability through human experiences

By innovating new clothing applications, we actively include users from the age and disability community. 2PC is designed to be worn in any orientation. There is no front or a back and the tag is sewn on the side seam to facilitate multiple options.

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